Siam Cheethawan

Siam Cheethawan Company Limited

Siam Cheethawan Co., Ltd. 

is a natural Thai herb manufacturing and supply spa products, cosmetic, aroma products and natural soap in Thailand since 2016. Our products concern the natural Thai herbal treatment and protect your skin by natural herb and relax with aroma during a day. We produce and supply spa products, cosmetic and natural soap under CHEETAWAN brand.

Siam Cheethawan Awards


We are the leading of quality natural Thai herb spa products, cosmetic and soap manufacturing with support Thai herbal farmer potential of herbal quality R&D and acceptable to dormitory and nationality market standard with good manufactory practices in Thailand.

Objective and Purpose

  1. Manufacturing and supply natural herb spa  products as cosmetics of body and facial, natural soap, massage oil, essential oil aroma oil and natural hair treatment etc.
  2. Provide, purchase, order and make to OEM for cosmetics products to body and facial skin, hair treatment product, natural soap and several of spa products.
  3. Distribute and selling cosmetic products for body and facial skin with hair treatment and general perfume.
  4. Provide the packaging standard under regulation and design label with traditional to customer brand.

DBD Verified Silver 2018 : Siam Cheethawan Company
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