OEM Services

As our company objective business to provide, purchase, order and make to OEM for cosmetics products to body and facial skin, hair treatment product, natural soap and several of spa products and provide the packaging standard under regulation and design label with traditional to customer brand.

OEM and Other Services

We prompts to service for the customer requirement all natural spa products under your brand and supply to your business as below

1. Natural bar soap : Cold process as natural and herb soap, organic soap, general bar soap

2. Glycerin soap : Hot process as bird's nest soap, gold soap etc.

3. Natural spa products as facial cream, serum, mark, body bath, body lotion, body scrub, hair treatment products as shampoo, conditioner, hand and foot spa products as hand cream, foot scrub etc.

4. Aroma and massage oil, essential oil, diffuser etc.  

5. Balm, candle massage oil, slat scrub, foot soak, bath salt etc.  

Manufacturing Plant
(GMP – ASEAN Guideline)

Siam Cheethawan concerns the manufacturing plant process to realize on the quality control and continuously develop our initiate products by natural Thai herbal with penetrate in the market trends  and concern the efficiency, quality and percent of yield herb function to SPA products treatment and aroma impact by under CHEETAWAN brand.

Also that we are continuously to develop and apply all research concern to comply the new products in the market and catch up the world’s of spa trends with our high technology and knowhow from manufacturing plant that under the GMP standard approval of ASEAN

Guideline and closed system manufacturing with laboratory strictly compliance the above regulations.  R&D team has closely cooperated with famous laboratories from France and Japan.

Our spa products can make you to ensure the quality, efficiency of Thai herb product and under the safety regulation concerns  without any dangerous.

Soap Manufacturing Process : CP

Soap manufacturing process, Siam Cheethawan realize on the herbal benefit and need to select the cold process of soap making to remain our herb quality and enrichment of natural Thai herb extract to protect the herb value during making herbal soap product by hot process. Our cold soap production is referred to beside picture. 

Siam Cheethawan Bar Soap Process

Our Soap Bar Process is refer to the production step below

1. Control & QC raw material income to the process.

2. Prepare the all ingredient quality and entry to the mixing the mixing process without heater by room temperature.

3. Refining and milling all material as homogenous and control effect of soap color and moisture.

4. When pass from the homogenous process finishing, all soap have to entry the extrusion machine to form the bar soap.

5.  All bar soap pass to our mold stamp to form the soap size as 20g, 50g, 80g, 100g, 120g and other size as customer require from our mold standard.

6. Aging all products around 3-7 days with checking moisture and color.

7. Packing and delivery to customer site.

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